We value the science of engineering – and evidenced based product design, with on road results. 

Haulmax Tyres continually evolves to ensure our products deliver outstanding performance purpose built to their specific on road applications. We are invested in customer insight led innovation & design thinking that offers benefit across the total end-to-end design & manufacturing processes. 

Our products performance is supported through stringent quality control, extensive Australian based research and development initiatives. Haulmax Tyres is backed by an informed, high performance support team. We’re only a phone call away.



Australia is known for its extreme weather variations across our vast land. Compounds used in Haulmax Tyres are specifically chosen for Australian road and conditions. Made with premium new generation cut and chip resistant compounds our tyres drive your performance on Australia’s harsh outback and gravel roads.


Our tyres work hard for you - Australian fleets travel vast distances and multiple sequential hours in their lifetime. This has a unique tread wear impact. Haulmax Tyres are built with a stronger and heavier construction to suit our local road transport industry.


Haulmax Tyres R&D team develop our tyres for endurance and compatibility with all Australian road types. Australia is unique in terms of road type, camber, distances covered and freight axle loadings. All of this impacts how tyres perform - in their endurance and handling.


Our Australian Freight and Transport sectors are diverse. Our engineering solutions deliver quality, fit for purpose designed tyres that perform in a diverse range of road freight and transport applications.


The Haulmax Tyres range has been designed by Australian based engineers. Our team have years of dedicated experience in tyre research & development, design, testing & manufacturing, all specifically for Australian roads.


We own our manufacturing equipment and control all parts of the manufacturing process. We fully guarantee the quality of our Haulmax Tyre products.


Haulmax Tyres have invested heavily in product development with a range of design features that are fit for purpose.  

We design to a strength and performance standard suited to the intended application above cost.  In doing so we deliver tyre longevity and ultimately more value to you.  This is why we can confidently guarantee a minimum  10% CPK return on any trial tyre sets


We have become truck & bus application experts through being active listeners.  

We believe the best way to solve a tyre related problem is to experience these problems first-hand. 

Haulmax Tyres are for operators who are serious about reducing their overall tyre costs.

Our tyres are designed and engineered by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced Australian engineers.

We exist to deliver performance agricultural tyres built with your application in mind.

a case study in how we work

We were contacted by a major haulage company wanting to improve their tyre service life and extend the safe working limits


After completing the design brief, prototype tyres were built and tested. 

As a result, over a 12 month period Australian Tyre Traders monitored the tyre’s performance in all operating conditions. The results exceeded expectations and delivered an improved operational life of 130%. The client was incredibly satisfied and continues to use the tyre. 

The purpose built Haulmax Tyre successfully delivered the following benefits for the client:

  • Improved safety
  • Improved maximum tyre load carrying capabilities
  • Greatly improved safe working capacity
  • High strength tyre to allow for greater inflation pressures and operationally higher temperature variation capability providing a much safer and durable product
  • The tyre is stronger and can carry the load more efficiently across the axle group. 

We designed tyres with all the attributes required for Australian conditions and made it fit for purpose. Whatever the application or requirements Haulmax Tyres will provide excellent service for your ongoing needs.

We invite you to contact our dealers and experience our product and the benefits it can bring your business


Haulmax Tyres deliver superb Cost Per Kilometre results for our customers. After comparing our own cost per kilometre results to that of our nearest competitor we are pleased to announce that Haulmax Tyres outperformed our competitor on average by between 15%-30%*. This means Haulmax tyres can offer you the same fantastic performance and savings as our lucky customers.  Call now to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about the Haulmax Tyres range on 1300 761 802


*Based on Haulmax internal testing. Results may vary but we guarantee a min of 10% savings vs current product.


Call your Local Haulmax Tyres dealer today for you very own evaluation set to show just how much you can save with HAULMAX Tyres. Haulmax tyres guarantees that you will get 10% or better savings on your cost per kilometre or your money back. 

Call now to enquire about our range and tyres to suit your needs on 1300 761 802.

David Naughton - National OE Manager
Billy Addison - National Manager Haulmax Wingman
James Norman - VIC
Shannon Roberts - National Wholesale Manager
Frank Morrissy - TAS
Troy Cook - SA
Lloyd Esler - WA
Ashley Elliot - QLD

your local tyre experts

invitation: share your problem

If you have a tyre performance problem related to your specific application –  we’d like to hear about it.

Our objective is to support the freight and transport industry in your efforts to increase efficiency and reduce input costs.

We invite you to talk to us if you’re not getting the best out of your tyres and we’ll put our heads together to work through a solution.

Hearing about tyre problems of all kinds can inspire innovative new products or ongoing product improvements.

We want you to have access to the right tyre for the right application – a tyre designed specifically for Australian roads.

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